VIENNA, Austria — I see why travel sites like Travel & Leisure often rate Vienna as the best city in the world to visit.

I have no reason to argue with the choice.

Yet I only sampled a small piece of Vienna. How can you see it all in six days? My travel plan was to mostly use my Eurail pass and explore cities in nearby countries. I did some of that, although my ongoing misfortunes with Delta Air Lines cost me two days.

The problem began with the weather — not the fault of Delta — but when we boarded the flight from Boston to Paris, the pilot noted a mechanical problem. Its maintenance crews weren’t able to fix it, so the flight was canceled.

I didn’t leave for Europe until a full day later. Delta did sport for a hotel, but the hotel was so far away from Logan International Airport that it also proved problematic. How do you put passengers in a hotel that’s 40 miles away from the airport?

Think that’s bad: On my flight from Amsterdam — changed from Paris — to Vienna, a gate rep downgraded me from Business Economy to Economy, and to make things worse, he put me in a middle seat on a full flight.

He had other choices, but since I was one of the first people off the plane, he didn’t care. I was cattle to herd; he played the cowboy, moving me out the stall. It was the most uncomfortable flight that I’ve had since taking Frontier Airlines, at a friend’s suggestion, to Las Vegas in 2016. I paid for Business Economy, and I should have gotten Business Economy.

I knew what I was going to do when I got back to The States, and I did it. I badgered Delta until it relented. The airline gave me a big chunk of the money I paid for the ticket back. I guess it knew I wasn’t going to accept this kind of change. I wanted what I paid for.

As my friends know, I’ve had so many misadventures with Delta, and I would love to ditch the airline if Cleveland had suitable alternatives. Its airport doesn’t. I guess I just need to keep complaining and hope my experiences improve.

Remember, I’m an elite passenger. Lord help those folk on the flight who were not. I have no idea what they expected or got from Delta — probably not a darn thing.

Rant over now.

I can say that if you ever have a chance to visit Vienna, go! I saw two concerts while there, and now I’m a fan of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Josef Haydn.

Yet Vienna is more than music. Few cities in Europe have a history as rich as it does. You stroll the picturesque avenues and you see buildings that date to the 1700s and earlier. You can also enjoy concerts in magnificent halls like Schönbrunn Palace and Brahms Hall. Don’t even begin to think about seeing all the museums in this city over six days; six months would hardly be enough time. Vienna has too many museums to explore.

But if you can only see two of them, try to fit the gigantic Albertina and Mythos Mozart into your Austrian itinerary. While the latter isn’t a museum in the truest sense, Mythos Mozart will delight you.

So will the Albertina.

I’ll have to return to Vienna someday, because six days there weren’t nearly enough. Should have been more, but, well, Delta ruined two of them. Sorry to backtrack, but I can’t get that middle seat off my mind.