The 2023 election, a vote filled with more regional issues, ended with big wins for progressives. Women kept the freedom to decide what to do with their bodies, and those who enjoy a tote on a joint can smoke away after Ohioans voted to make marijuana legal.

I must now put those victories aside, because what awaits people who lean left, which I do, are concerns far more relevant to our nation.

Still struggling to come to terms with the 2020 General Election results, those who lost aren’t going to make the same mistakes if they lose anew. They will have learned from the insurrection that they botched.

I fear another effort.

One man makes this a possibility in Ohio and elsewhere: Donald Trump. I have no doubt Trump and his supporters will say, should he lose, that the 2024 election was stolen — regardless of the lack of evidence.

How do you steal what you’ve won?

For to the victor goes the spoils — in sports, in life and in politics.

In the history of the United States, the country has had unhinged men in its spotlight. None of the others, however, have used their public platforms the way Trump did in 2020 to rile their partisans.

The lesson we learned from that election is that truth dies easily. Truth’s become what people say it is, the facts notwithstanding.

The facts are clear on one front, which is that January 6, 2021, was another day that will live in infamy. For it was a day when thousands of Trump supporters, disregarding truth, tried to overthrow our republic.

The United States has seen angry mobs before. But no armed mob since the Civil War has attacked its seat of power. The images of that insurrection remain fresh, caught on camera for everybody to witness.

The man behind it continues to push a narrative that makes no sense, and politicians on the far right take their marching orders from him. They will do what he’s unwilling to do, and that’s the frightening part of it.

A few months ago, I read an opinion piece in which the writer referred to those insurrectionists as a “warped crew.” The writer got it right.

He also pointed out that those men and women have had several years — four on Election Day, 2024 — to review the mistakes they made.

As the clock winds toward the next election, I expect Trump’s crew to arm themselves, use intimidation and harassment, threaten violence and peddle more lies to push into office a candidate who’s unfit to govern.

In my mind, I’ve never faced an election as important as ’24. While I tend to believe that political change is most doable locally, I’m savvy enough to understand the implications of four more years of Trump. As imperfect as this union is, I dare not imagine what those imperfections might look like with Trump again in office.

I would be a misguided soul if I looked at President Joe Biden as some sort of savior. As leaders go, Biden’s too timid for my taste. Yet I’ll take timidity in a politician over a chronic liar all the time.

The latter in the White House would be a loss for America. As a nation others look up to, aren’t we tired of losing?