11 04, 2024

O.J. is dead, but his ‘Trial of the Century’ will live forever

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I won't dwell on what the man did during a Hall-of-Fame football career, because O.J. Simpson destroyed whatever that legacy was in my mind when he and his sidekick Al Cowlings drove a Ford Bronco at a turtle's pace down a California highway with a parade of police cars behind them. Do you remember the sight? I didn't know then

17 10, 2023

Daughter, 20, intends to carry on for her aging father

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OKEECHOBEE, Florida — Aubee Billie couldn’t miss this occasion. Her father was celebrating another birthday, and she needed to be here for it.“Seventy-nine never looked so good,” she told the 125 or so well-wishers who joined her on this warm Saturday.They all knew what Aubee Billie knew, which was her father, Jim Billie, didn’t have a 50-year plan.At 20, she

8 09, 2023

Roe v. Wade: Down, but is it out forever?

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Conservatives have long insisted that less government is better. They often talk about wanting Uncle Sam out of our private lives. They want Americans free to live life on their terms.Unless that American is a woman.Oh yes, conservatives want to control a woman’s womb. They argue that abortion isn’t a freedom; it’s a murder.Well, their belief seems to have won

31 08, 2023

Tax on my Blackness: Cost of living in wrong neighborhood

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I wish I didn’t have to pay a high price for living in an all-Black neighborhood. Walk through Glenville, and you will find not a single Starbuck or a Smoothie King. A sit-down restaurant like the Olive Garden or Applebee’s sounds like a winner, right? But not on the East Side of the city.I doubt I need to reiterate the

11 08, 2023

League Park: White elephant is a Black neighborhood

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Few things are worse than a white elephant, particularly when the elephant comes with a $6.3 million price on its backside. That is the initial money that went into League Park, a historic ballpark in the heart of a Black neighborhood. League Park spent almost 40 years in decline, and it might have collapsed altogether were it not for the

25 07, 2022

Dining while Black looks as if it travels abroad with you

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Even amid the historic beauty of Rome, a Black man can run into ugliness.I’ve discovered that fact in international cities other than Rome, because as a Black man who travels, I know, sadly, that racism will follow me wherever I set my luggage down.In the past, I’ve recounted instances of where my Blackness got me treatment of the second-class variety.

8 02, 2022

Fred G., Lamont … Thanks for the memories

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The characters stick in our minds today just as they did in January 1972 when “Sanford and Son” debuted on NBC. The sitcom, modeled on the British series “Steptoe and Son,” demonstrated that an all-Black cast could hold its own in a TV market crowded with comedies. None of the others, however, had a star like “Sanford and Son.” In

10 01, 2022

Sydney Poitier: To Sir, with Love

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You get no reprieve from Death, who sneaks into people’s lives when they least expect him. Yet everybody knows Death awaits, and regardless of how fast you run from him, Death will catch you at some point. He caught Sydney Poitier on Friday. Poitier, 94 when he died, was one of the most gifted actors of his generation. I didn’t

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