16 08, 2023

Try trains, and leave the travel to them

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Two of my closest friends are world travelers. Their passports look like a bulletin board at Tri-C — stickers plastered everywhere. Now, I’ve lapped my friends in the number of countries visited, but they remain ahead of me in miles logged on trains. I plan to catch them. When I do, it won’t be because I rode the rails in

16 11, 2022

Is Bill Maher playing satirist or pompous fool? I’d say the latter

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I wasn’t sure I heard Bill Maher right when he sat on his HBO stage and veered off into Trump-style craziness. I’ve always thought craziness was contagious, and Maher proved it. He has made a handsome living weaving political satire into his comedic performances. He’s been a steadfast critic of Donald Trump, and Maher has even put his money where

27 10, 2021

A salute to my mentor

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October 27 is “National Mentoring Day,” one of those unofficial acknowledgements that fall on the calendar. While the day isn’t like Easter, Christmas or Thanksgiving, Mentoring Day is, nonetheless, a significant occasion to reflect on. For who has not had someone play the mentor’s role in their lives? He (or she) might be a teacher, a coach or a boss;

26 07, 2021

Finding the right spot for our impolitic past

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Saturday night was my first ballgame at Progressive Field since 2009, the year after I got fired (MLB.com called it a layoff. What’s the diff?) as a sportswriter. Perhaps I felt bitterness toward Major League Baseball for cutting loose another Black employee. No matter, because while I didn’t go to ballgames, I followed baseball. I followed closely the Cleveland team

21 01, 2021

Biden vows to dismantle political walls

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I’m certain my views of what happened on Capitol Hill echoes what a friend wrote on Facebook about Joe Biden’s inauguration. Here are my friend’s words: “ … for the sake of normalcy and unity, it was nice to see Republicans and Democrats playing nice today. Sometimes rhetoric and ‘politics’ plays well. I’m not excusing the horrible things that have

20 01, 2021

Traitors: Hang ’em high

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No country can let insurrection go unpunished, and the consequence for attempting one must be Draconian. The United States should heed that message in whatever it does to anarchists who invaded the Capitol Building on Wednesday. Not that the country is treading on uncharted turf here. It screwed up its response to insurrection the last time it had to face

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